MONTES ALPHA Special Cuvée Sauvignon 2016

Kód: V0431
Značka: MONTES
562 Kč –12 %
Montes Alpha Special Cuvée Sauvignon Blanc Vino e Cuore 2016 Wine of Chile Michal Procházka
562 Kč –12 % 493 Kč / Ks 657,33 Kč / 1 l
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Light yellow in color with subtle green notes at the edges, very crystalline and bright. The nose impresses with its intensity as
well as its elegance. Aromas of tropical fruits such as passion fruit and pineapple appear first, followed by enticing notes of
pink grapefruit and key lime, while a certain floral note that recalls orange blossom and delicate notes of artichoke hearts
lend differentiating complexity to this Sauvignon Blanc characterized by a broad aromatic palate that changes as the wine
opens in the glass. The palate is ample for its type. Juicy, with crisp acidity that does not counteract the volume. Elegant, with
a long, persistent finish with a touch of mineral notes.
Harvest Period: : February 26 to March 31.
The 2015–2016 season was rather peculiar. It was normal to good in terms of the availability of water, and there was an
optimal amount of moisture in the soil at the time of flowering. Rainfall was very sporadic, but significant in terms of volume
and intensity, which affected fruiting in the areas in which the rains coincided with flowering in mid-November. The summer
was not very hot and only registered a few peaks in January and February, but overall, the temperatures were below the
historic average, especially in March, which registered an average temperature that was 2ºC lower than in 2015. The grapes
ripened at least 12 days later in the season than they did in the previous year. This was crucial in making decisions regarding
the harvest date because we needed to begin picking in order to prevent an overlap with the red varieties. We took
advantage of the delay in ripening to harvest a small percentage of our Sauvignon earlier and fresher, which results in
greater aromatic expression and the balanced acidity typical in this wine. We picked the rest of the components after
ripening had progressed and achieved aromas of ripe white fruit and greater volume on the palate. The fruit reached the
winery with very good quality and fewer—but larger—grapes per bunch than in the previous year.
The vineyards that produce the grapes for our Sauvignon Blanc Special Cuvée are located in the Santo Domingo sector of the
Leyda Valley, specifically within the Tricao eco-park, 1.8 km from the Pacific coast. This zone has a predominance of red soils
that are typical in Chile’s coastal zone and are high in clay as well as quartz and granite. The vines are trellised to vertical
shoot position with varying exposures to sunlight and sea breezes, which provides us with a great diversity of aromatic
profiles. Furthermore, the diversity of clones (1, 107, 108, 159, and 242) planted gives us a broad palette of colors with which
to paint our masterpiece. Pruning aims to respect the vegetative/reproductive balance to produce yields of approximately
7,000 kg/hectare in normal years.
Meticulous attention is required during every step of the production process to achieve a wine of this high quality. Therefore,
to conserve its delicate characteristics, the grapes are hand picked early in the morning, at the coolest point of the day, and
then transported to the winery in refrigerated containers. Upon arriving they were carefully selected, destemmed, and
underwent a pre-fermentation cold soak at 7ºC for 12–24 hours. The juice was then drained and statically decanted for
12–24 hours to ensure clean juice, which was then transferred to the definitive tanks, where it was inoculated with yeasts to
initiate alcoholic fermentation, which lasted 20–25 days. The natural process is quite slow because we prefer to work at low
temperatures (11º–12ºC) to preserve the variety’s delicate aromas. Upon completion of the fermentation, 100% of the wine
was sulfited to completely stop any yeast activity and to protect the wine from oxidation. Once the components for the final
blend were defined, the wine spent 6–8 months on its lees, which were stirred once a week so that all of the dead yeasts rich
in mannoproteins and polysaccharides could come into contact with the wine and contribute a greater sensation of
roundness and creaminess on the palate. The wine was protein stabilized with a low dose of bentonite and then cold
stabilized prior to bottling. The wine was passed through a sterile membrane (0.45 microns) just prior to bottling to ensure
the complete absence of yeasts and bacteria in the finished, bottled wine.
Alcohol 13º
Total Acidity (H2 SO4) 3.72 g/lt.
Residual Sugar 2.85 g/lt.
pH 3.35
Volatile Acidity (C2H4O2) 0.27 g/lt.
Free SO2 0.025 g/lt.

Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: Bílé
Záruka: 6
Značka: Montes
Země původu: Chilská vína
Oblast původu: Leyda Valley
Barva vína: bílé
Odrůda: Sauvignon Blanc
Ročník: 2016
Obsah alkoholu: 13 %
Obsah cukru: suché
Objem: 0,75 l

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